Why Learn HTML5?

Last updated in June 2020

If you want to design and code the frontend of web apps or emails, you need to use HTML and CSS. HTML structures a website and also contains data for the website's content, and CSS polishes things up with style to make them better looking.

Thanks to various available existing tools, you can easily have fun with building an interactive small game or mobile app.

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Beginner Friendliness

Easy to Get Started with

Basic HTML and CSS are very easy to get started with as they are very simple. Most beginners who are aspiring to become web developers will first start out with HTML/CSS to get a taste of what it's like to program. HTML/CSS are not programming languages, per se, but they will introduce you the concept of programming syntaxes, or rules. To build HTML5 apps, you also need to have a decent understanding of how JavaScript works. JavaScript is also pretty easy to get started with for beginners.

Fun Tools

There are various neat libraries and tools you can use to easily build hybrid mobile apps or browser-based games, and they're often designed to be very beginner-friendly.

Difficult to Master

HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are difficult to master. JavaScript is complex, and these web technologies move at a rather fast rate, so it may be hard to keep up with. Nonetheless, if your primary concern is to build some simple, small, project, this should not be of concern.


Scalability shouldn't be an issue for personal projects, but it is generally not as recommended for professional projects.

Currently you can only build simple browser games and simple hybrid apps using HTML5, and this is partially to the fact that many libraries rely on DOM, which usually have performance issues that limit the complexity or size of the game.

It is likely possible to build more complex browser based games in the future using Canvas, though this will not be beginner friendly.


As you step into the programming world, you'll soon understand how vital support is, as the developer community is all about giving and receiving help. The larger a community, the more likely you'd get help and the more people will be building useful tools to ease the process of development.

HTML is the 8th Most-used Tag on StackOverflow: HTML

StackOverflow is a programming Q&A site you will no doubt become intimate with as a coding beginner. HTML is the 8th most-used tag, which means there are a lot of questions with potential answers for your problem. In addition, CSS is the 12th most used tag.

Over 575k CSS Projects on GitHub

The more useful projects there are, the more likely someone has already built something you need and built it well, which will greatly speed up your development process. Over 350 CSS GitHub Projects have 500+ stars. In addition, CodePen is also a cool place to get inspiration or CSS Tips.

Career Opportunities

If you know HTML5 and CSS3 well, there's plenty of opportunity to find a job as a designer, especially since you'd have the advantage of being able to code what you've designed, reducing a lot of back and forth and also allowing you to have control over your own work.

As a skill, HTML5 and CSS3 is also useful for online marketers, since you won't have to always get company developers to help you fix something like the email template design if you can do it yourself.

If you'd like to consider becoming a front-end web developer or UX engineer, you must learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript well.


Web applications cannot function without HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web technologies as well as browsers will only become more advanced in the future, especially with Google's Polymer 1.0 out now. 'Nuff said.

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